Thursday, September 15, 2005

Homework for 9/15 through 9/21

During this week, post at least 6 substantial blog entries on at least 5 different days. Include these items:
  • if you have decided upon the topic for your semester of blogging, announce it in a substantial post and write at least one other post about the topic. If you have any doubts about the topic you are about to announce -- can it endure for an entire semester, for example? -- speak to me.
  • if you have not decided upon a topic for your semester of blogging, post at least two entries on topics you are considering as the main topic of your semester's blog work. Discuss new topics or say more about how you might be able to work at length with a topic you've already mentioned. Can the topic support several entries a week for several months? Can you?
  • at least one entry on good blogs you've found that help you say more about what makes a good blog and a good blog entry. Be sure to include links.
  • at least one entry linking to a classmate's blog and discussing how he or she is already exemplifying several traits of good web writing and making a friendly suggestion or two about how the writer might strengthen the writing further.
  • at least one entry about some topics you would like to see on the class blog that will be aimed at serving the audience of 7000 IUSB students. Mention also some topics you would be interested in writing about. Post this entry by sometime on Monday, 9/19.
  • at least one entry about your possible Wikipedia topic. Continue looking at Wikipedia -- search for articles on topics of interest to you and take some notes about possible article topics that you could contribute, topics that interest you, that build on your areas of knowledge or skill, and that aren't already covered by Wikipedia.
Students interested in a high grade for the course should continue to read and write engaged comments on the sites of their classmates.